Corporate Social Responsibility

The Indorama Kokand Textile (IKT) plant is located in the densely populated region of Fergana valley, which has a high rate of unemployment. Our plant has created direct employment for about 1100 employees of which majorities are from local and nearby communities, who live within a radius of 25 km from the plant. The company provides transportation to all employees to facilitate coming to work

The plant has also created a large number of indirect employment opportunities and facilitated expansion of downstream textile facilities in the region, which has helped to reduce migration to cities.

The plant has set up an in-house modern training facility, which is manned by a specialist training team. The team provides the necessary training and regular orientation to the workforce within the plant. It also engages local textile educational institutions in imparting on-site training to aspiring students who are a ready source of trained workforce for any future requirements for the growth of textile industry in the country.

The plant has a canteen facility with modern amenities, which caters to the needs of the employees in ensuring provision of nutritional meals as per international standards.