About Indorama Kokand Textile

Indorama Kokand Textile JSC (IKT) is wholly owned subsidiary of INDORAMA INDUSTRY PTE LTD, SINGAPORE which is a wholly owned subsidiary of PT. Indo-Rama Synthetics Tbk, Indonesia (www.indorama.co.id). It was commissioned in Uzbekistan in July 2011 as part of Indorama’s strategy to establish its presence in the emerging economies of Central Asia and to expand its global spinning business. IKT has a natural advantage of sourcing competitively priced raw cotton fibre from domestic sources and adding value for shipments to its global markets.

IKT has set up a state-of-the-art ring spinning facility with front end technology in compact spinning, which includes the most technologically advanced machinery and equipment from Europe and Japan. The facility is the first compact spinning facility in entire Central Asia, which produces 100 per cent combed cotton compact yarn.

Since its inception in 2011 with 30,000 spindles of compact spinning , IKT has grown to a total of 110,000 spindles along with 3800 rotors of R-60 make. This is the most modern open end machines from Rieter. IKT predominantly serves the global market of spun yarn, targeting more than 90 per cent of exports mainly to Latin America, Europe, Bangladesh, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Turkey. IKT produces the best quality yarns in Uzbekistan.

The plant is set up on a land parcel of around 17 hectares. The current Installed capacity is over 150,000 spindles.